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All FamilySearch Microfilms now Digitized

As of Tuesday, September 21st, FamilySearch announced they've completed digitizing 2.4 million rolls of microfilm. These are being processed for online access and many are currently available online. Some have restrictions and need to be viewed at your local affiliate library but most are viewable from the comfort of your home. Here's a short blog with Tips for Unlocking the FamilySearch Collections and below I'll show you where to go to find the collections at FamilySearch.

Using the Family Search catalog Here's the FamilySearch catalog link. To use the catalog, you can type a location like "Syracuse" in the search bar and you'll need to select from the autosuggestions, which Syracuse you mean. Specify beneath the search bar that you're looking for online collections. Then find the type of record in their listing of record types. There are some glitches/bugs in their search method so if you run into a problem, restart your search using the search bar.…
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How to Unlock FamilySearch Collections

FamilySearch is a free website for family history and genealogy collections. These collections are always free to search. Some collections are hosted by FamilySearch but owned by another institution and FamilySearch is restricted in how it can provide these resources to users. Due to contractual obligations, you'll need to be logged in with a free FamilySearch account to view some of these records. If you follow the link and find the record is locked, login to FamilySearch on your computer and this may unlock the collection. OnGenealogy shares many FamilySearch collections for different locations in the world. Here are some of the different ways those links may take you to the collections. How to View the Collections 1. Some links take you straight to the collection 2. Other links take you to a catalog description page where you will have to find the link. Look for a camera icon in the Film/Digital Notes section of the catalog desc…
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The MyHeritage Complete Plan: 5 things I like

It's like using hand tools vs. power tools. Sometimes you need to purchase the right tool for the job.

VERSUS MyHeritage offers several plans for customers: They offer Family Tree plans for people who just want to build their tree on the siteThey offer Data Subscriptions for people who just want to search the historical records collections They offer DNA tests for a fee and tools are free with their test OR DNA transfers/uploads and their complete set of tools for a feeAnd they offer The Complete Plan which bundles all these and is the best deal. Read 5 reasons to use the Complete Plan 1. The MyHeritage Complete Plan gives you access to a Different Community – the MyHeritage site is available in 42 languages (compared to Ancestry with 7). This invites a broader community. About half of MyHeritage users are from Europe, far more than the competitors. If you have European ancestry within the last 4 generations, yo…
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