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Search the 1950 US Census TODAY! FREE!

Today's the day!

The 1950 US Census images have been released by NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration in the U.S.) and are viewable on their website for FREE.

TIP: In the search returns, three buttons you'll want to understand: Population Schedules button is for viewing the images/scansHelp Us Transcribe Names button is for improving the indexShare button is to share the link on Twitter or Facebook, or to simply copy the link Location Search

There is a location index and you're able to search by state, county or city, and enumeration district and then search a batch of images/census scans for a locale, but then you'll need to go page by page, looking for an ancestor's name the old-fashioned way. You'll have better results if you can narrow the location search to a state AND a county/city.

Name Search

There is a name index provided by NARA but it is a very preliminary work, so there are many false posit…

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RootsTech 2022 Handouts

Classes and Handouts Here's a partial list of classes by topic and handouts that are available for download. To find more handouts for a subject, use this Search Window and type a topic, country, speaker, etc into the search window. Then select each individual search result and scroll to the bottom of that class page to see if there's a Syllabus, Slide Deck, or Handout available. Some of these may not be available when RootsTech 2022 ends after March 4, 2022 so be sure to grab what you want while it's still available online. Have a great time at RootsTech! DNA

Searching for Close Relatives with Your DNA Results by Mckell Keeney

5 Free DNA Resources by Diahan Southard

What to do with your DNA test results in 2022 by Diahan Southard

DNA and the Settlers of Taranki, New Zealand by Donna Rutherford

Jewish Ethnicity & DNA; History, Migration, Genetics by Schelly Talal…

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RootsTech 2022 Exhibitor Promotions and Downloadables

Here are links to all the RootsTech 2022 Exhibitor Promotions and downloads (see Sponsors promos here). They'll all open in new pages in your browser window. Some of these are time sensitive specials effective only during RootsTech. Some of the downloads are merely informational and others have potential value to family historians. You can visit the Expo Hall to do your own research, but selecting any company name below will take you to their booth where you can watch their classes, product demos, and more. These booths will stay online for a full year, but the specials might end, so budget your time wisely and enjoy RootsTech 2022! Exhibitors 1950 US Census Promo - Join the 1950 US Census Community Project A Life Story Video Promo - How to Know Your Life Story - Free BlueprintPromo - 35% off Life Story Video Online Course - ends March 6, 2022Promo - 35% off Video Biography Service - ends March 6, 2022Free Download - Your Personal Life Story Trek…
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