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The MyHeritage Complete Plan: 5 things I like

It's like using hand tools vs. power tools. Sometimes you need to purchase the right tool for the job.

VERSUS MyHeritage offers several plans for customers: They offer Family Tree plans for people who just want to build their tree on the siteThey offer Data Subscriptions for people who just want to search the historical records collections They offer DNA tests for a fee and tools are free with their test OR DNA transfers/uploads and their complete set of tools for a feeAnd they offer The Complete Plan which bundles all these and is the best deal. Read 5 reasons to use the Complete Plan 1. The MyHeritage Complete Plan gives you access to a Different Community – the MyHeritage site is available in 42 languages (compared to Ancestry with 7). This invites a broader community. About half of MyHeritage users are from Europe, far more than the competitors. If you have European ancestry within the last 4 generations, yo…
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How To Use Old Postcards

If you find some old postcards in your family history piles. Here are a few ways you might want to use them. But first, digitize them (use the process in this blogpost) Second, regularly backup the digital files Third, if you're a keeper, archive them correctly Fourth, even if you're not a keeper, consider saving ones that might have the sender's DNA on the stamp if there's any possibility you'll want to extract DNA (totheletter DNA) Fifth, if you're not a keeper, give the meaningful ones to family who will want them Sixth, use the digital files or leftover postcards! Here are some ideas. For me, the value of old postcards is in the images. That's it. In our family postcards, few of the messages contain especially valuable information. I've saved a few if I think I might someday want/be able to glean the sender's DNA from the stamp (totheletter DNA) but generally the subject matter is somewhat trivial or the postcard was never used, it was just …
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What To Do With Old Recipes?

We've got my mother's old recipe box, my husband's mother's old recipe box, and his grandmother's old recipe box. We want to be able to share these family memories with other relatives so we've decided to digitize the recipe cards.

With Covid-19 restrictions starting to lift, I got an appointment at a local Family History Center where I was able to use a high speed photo scanner (in the image below) to digitize old family postcards, recipe cards, and some photos.

You can use this Find a Family History Center link to look up a center near you (they're free) and then select "Website" where you can read about the offerings at that FHC. Specifically, look at the "Hardware and Equipment" so you'll know what type of scanners they have. The image below shows the high-speed scanner I used for recipe cards, postcards, and photos.

I brought an external hard drive (in the image below) and transferred the images from the FHC computer to my hard drive. I…

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