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Genealogy Emergency Preparedness – How to Walk Away with Just Your Phone

We had a wildfire scare last weekend so I asked my boys which of their things they would have wanted me to save if we'd had to evacuate? After humans and pets, my boys said the only things they would want were phone chargers and some clothes.   Wrap your head around that one. Phone chargers was their number one item. I would not have thought to grab phone chargers.   After last year's devastating fire in Paradise, it has become clear that sometimes you have to leave your home quickly and let everything go.     I now have a Best-Case Plan and a Worst-Case Plan for my genealogy. First, the optimistic scenario.     Best Case Plan: What Would You Save? Our valuables, necessities, and meaningful items vary greatly. Here's a list of items you might care about. If it really matters, it should be digital or as portable as possible.   Everyday Items PeoplePetsPrescriptions (consider health/prescription a…
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Maintenance Essentials for Genealogy

I've had maintenance on the mind this summer. So many friends and family are dealing with problems that are largely a result of lack of maintenance. It's made me think how easy it is to lose all our gains, simply because we don't do the day-to-day and month-to-month maintenance projects.

Why am I doing massive fence repairs in July? How'd we regain all this weight?How did the sewer line break?

It goes on and on. So while I work on projects and have to set aside my family history, I'm assessing what are the maintenance essentials for genealogy in my home.

We made some incredible family history gains last year, digitizing everything (photos, papers, cassette tapes) for my side of the family and we're close to finishing this for Mike's side of the family. I can't afford to lose these gains. Here are some ideas for projects we need to either start, finish, or maintain.



Some Family History Maintenance Ideas

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Fold3 Free Access to Revolutionary War Records, July 1st-15th

Fold3, owned by, is offering free access to Revolutionary War Records from July 1st through the 15th.

There is no need to use a credit card or financial account to create a free account and have free access during this trial period.

For one week you should be granted access to ALL Fold3 databases. From their site:

Fold3 is amassing one of the largest collections of original documents. With unique partnerships with the National Archives and others, Fold3 has over545 million original documents that include information about people, places, events and topics.

Popular CollectionsRevolutionary WarCity DirectoriesCivil War Documents1930 US CensusWorld War II
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