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FREE RootsTech 2019 SLC Classes Online

If you're #NotAtRootsTech SLC between Wednesday, February 27th and Saturday, March 3rd, they will be broadcasting the daily general sessions and a few daily classes live, for free each day at*

You can also participate live, using social media sites (in the past organizers have used Twitter) to respond to questions or follow conversations by tweeting or using the hashtag #RootsTech or #NotAtRootsTech. You can also follow discussions about RootsTech on social media sites by searching for the hashtag #RootsTech or #NotAtRootsTech.

Free RootsTech 2019 SLC Classes at

DayTimeClass TitleClass Description. Speaker(s)Wednesday, Feb 27 9:30 am What's New at FamilySearchExplore the latest features and capabilities released on FamilySearch. See the future of FamilySearch. Speaker: Ron TannerWednesday, Feb 27 11:00 am Hear Them Sing! Social History and Family NarrativeDiscover how addition of social history enhances family narratives…
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Is Your Tree Well-Sourced? A Free Visual Check Using a Fan Chart

FamilySearch has a Fan Chart display mode you can use as a visual aid to see if your tree has source citations for each person. The tree is color-coded; the darker the color, the more source citations. This is a great tool to help you see which family lines need more research and sourcing.


FamilySearch family trees are community-owned trees that anyone can change. That makes one person's research vulnerable to the human error of all others but can also make for a better-researched tree with multiple contributors.



A Well-Sourced Tree at FamilySearch

This is my husband's family tree. The color key for this chart is:

darkest orange color represents people with 10+ source citationsmedium orange represents 5-9 source citationslight orange represents 1-4 source citationswhite represents 0 (zero) source citations

As you can see from his tree, most of his tree is well-sourc…

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Writing Your Personal History – Types of Histories and Apps and Storytelling Services to Get You Started

My favorite family history possessions are personal histories: Oral Histories, Autobiographies, and Biographies--in any shape or size.   They can be handwritten notes     or stories;     they can be spiral bound and typed     or hardbound and published;     they can be audio or video     comics or graphic novels     or they can simply be voice recordings.   Anything is better than this:     There are many ways to record and share your life story. It doesn't have to be grandiose or hard or expensive. I'll list some storytelling apps and professional service providers below, but my purpose in blogging about writing your personal history is to convince you to Just Do It!   If you feel stuck, read Writer's Block - How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Writing Your Personal History, otherwise, here are a few basics to consider when Writing Your Personal Histor…
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