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Translating Websites, Text, and PDFs into English

If you're using a website from another country and need to translate information, here are three options. First option - Translating Websites

First, when you visit a website that isn't in English (or your native language), look for a Translate this page button. The Translate this page button is usually in the top-right side of the menu bar OR a pop-up window on the website. Many websites automatically offer this translation feature.

If you don't find a translation feature built into the website, you can use Google Translate. Open Google Translate (type: in your URL window) and select the Websites button option.

Then type a website URL into the window and hit the blue arrow button (see below) and you will get a translated version of that website.

Second option - Translating Text

If you have specific text on the site you need to translate you can use Google Translate …

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Printing Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, and Fan Charts at FamilySearch

You can print Pedigree charts and other charts from your family tree at FamilySearch. These will be PDF files. Print Options include (see example images at bottom of page): Pedigree chart - 4 generation charts Portrait Pedigree chart - 5 generation charts Fan Chart - 7 generations charts Family Group Record Family Group Record with Sources On your Computer, using FamilySearch, follow these steps: Go to Login to your account Select Family Tree from the top menu bar Select Tree from teh drop-down menu Select a person from the tree that you want to use as the starting person on your chart Click on that person's name to be taken to their Person page Click the Details tab On the right, go to the Tools section Select Print Options Select one of the options: Pedigree, Portrait Pedigree, Fan Chart, Family Group Record, Family Group Record with Sources A new window will open with a PDF of the chart you s…
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Using MyHeritage to Create Charts and Books

With a MyHeritage subscription and your online tree, you can create free charts and books to download and print or bind on your own.

For a Book of Remembrance, I would print the Family Book. MyHeritage created a 6,000 page PDF for my FamilyBook. I love having all the names and sources backed up on my computer but this is too many pages for a printed Book of Remembrance.

For the printed version of my Family Book, I'll upload the PDF into Google Drive, by dragging and dropping the PDF file from my computer into my Google Drive. Then I'll right-click and select Open With and select Google Docs. Now I can Edit my book. When I finish making all my edits, adding any maps from MyHeritage or other charts I choose, I'll select File, then select Download, and then select PDF. Now I'll have a smaller PDF file of the final Family Book from MyHeritage and I can either print this at home or take it on an external drive to a professional printer.

Here are so…

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