The 1930 US Federal Census is a valuable collection for US family history research and subscription sites have invested a lot of time and money in their indexes, search capabilities, and extra features to help subscribers get the most bang for their buck.

Free 1930 US Federal Census

Quite a few subscription sites have the 1930 US Federal Census.

But, never fear, free alternatives exist, including:

  • FamilySearch – with a free index and images online

  • HeritageQuest – if your library subscribes to HeritageQuest, a product of ProQuest, you may have free access from your home, with a library card, to the 1930 US Federal Census index and images.

  • (Updated as of 1/4/2018) MooseRoots no longer has the 1930 US Federal Census available.

That said, I love to use a subscription site because I enjoy the ease of saving records to my online family tree, etc. But these are some good options if you don’t have a subscription.

Best in your searches, whether they’re fee or free!

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