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OnGenealogy is a directory of online and onsite genealogy and family history records and resources. The site is owned by Mike and Alyson Mansfield (more about us below).

What makes this directory different?

  • you can create and control your own business listing
  • you can claim a listing & edit it if you’re the owner of a site that is in the directory
  • you can search for resources by keyword and/or location
  • you can create a favorites list so you’re able to easily revisit sites without starting your search from scratch
  • you can comment on individual listings and share information with other researchers

Please email alyson@ongenealogy.com if need help:

  • creating a listing if you own a genealogy or family history related site (please don’t create listings for sites you don’t own)

  • claiming a listing if you’re the owner; after I’ve confirmed you’re the owner of the site, you’ll be given the rights to edit that listing

  • requesting a listing or event be created by OnGenealogy

OnGenealogy is owned by Mike & Alyson Mansfield and we are polar opposites.

Mike works full-time for MyHeritage.com and has worked previously for Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org. He currently collects content for MyHeritage and has a knack for knowing where to find record collections. He has a B.A. in Computer Science and a Masters in Library Sciences. He took some genealogy classes in college and loves that he’s able to marry his hobby with his career. He’ll occasionally find time to share a blog post but he enjoys his day job at MyHeritage which doesn’t leave much time for side projects. He prefers careful, thorough, well-cited research but understands that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

This is Alyson and I primarily maintain the site. I graduated with a degree in Economics and do family history for fun. Whenever I’m stuck in my research, Mike offhandedly throws me a scrap of knowledge and redirects my efforts. I used to say, “everyone should know about that site” and then I decided to do something about it. I started OnGenealogy to share resources. Because I have no sense of direction I use a map on the site. My strength is I’m not a professional genealogist. I know people do family history for many different reasons and I try not to judge the how or why; I’m just providing resources and ideas. I like to spotlight genealogy businesses and resource owners to help their businesses and to help hobbyists find new ways to pursue their hobby.

Thanks for your interest in our site and please feel free to email alyson@ongenealogy.com with any suggestions for improving this site and making it more useful to businesses and researchers.

10 responses to “About Us”

  1. I’m just beginning to get acquainted with your site. Can you help me tracing my African American roots and how to use “AfriGeneas – African Ancestored Genealogy”?

  2. I am the administrator of the Sri Lanka Genealogy Website sponsored by the WGW Forum. We do have many inquiries from children who were taken for adoption seeking to contact their biological mothers. I have created an FB Group titled “Lanka CousinConnect” through which we publish the requests and seek positive responses. It would be very useful if we could utilize this website to publish and seek the same results in reuniting these orphaned kids with their biological parents

    1. I’d be happy to add your Facebook Group as a listing at OnGenealogy and will contact you for any other information needed to make the listing useful for Sri Lankan parents and adoptees. Thanks!

  3. I am just getting about to know about your OnGenealogy and was wondering if you can help me find about my mother and any family she may have had. I am new to this including using the computer. I am 86 years old so it takes time.

    1. Ollie,

      I am not a professional genealogist but you can call the FamilySearch Family History Customer Service, 1-866-406-1830, and they will either help you online or direct you to a local Family History Center library: https://www.familysearch.org/help/fhcenters/locations/ where volunteers (Family History Consultants) will help you for free. During the Covid-19 quarantines, local Family History Centers’ hours/opening varies by location, but they will put you in touch with free consultants who can help you get started on your search for your mother and family. It’s never too late to start. Best with your research!


  4. Hi Alyson,
    I am stuck with a dead end on my family history. I am researching my family name of Brander in Scotland, and am stuck at the first public census of 1841.
    My direct ancestor, John Brander stated that he was not born in the county he lived in, West Lothian, and the census did not ask where he was born. As a result, I am stuck as to where to go from here.
    He said he was 60 on the census form, but died the following year, so was not on any subsequent form.
    I have put his name in generally elsewhere but there are too many possibilities. Any suggestions.?

    1. Ronnie,

      I’m not a professional genealogist but if you’ve already used the free options at FamilySearch, I’d recommend checking out Alistair McGowan’s site, Bespoke Genealogy. He has Scottish ancestry and is a professional genealogist. He might know of some Scottish resources we haven’t listed yet or might know of research techniques specific to the records your using. I hope your dead-end is only temporary!


  5. Hello , I have stumbled upon your site being a family historian I was hoping to set up an account. I cannot find the “sign up” button. If you could explain how to create the account that would be great. Thank you Tammy

    1. Tammy,

      Thanks for your interest in our website. We have a FAQ page which explains how to create an account. Basically, the site allows accounts to be created on Mondays only, to prevent spam accounts. If you have trouble creating an account on a Monday, please reach out to alyson@ongenealogy.com.




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