Ancestry has announced new features including MyTreeTags and ThruLines–all valuable tools for Ancestry tree and Ancestry DNA users. 

MyTreeTags™ allows you to tag people in your family tree with notes or research conclusions. Possible tags include:

DNA tags

  • Common DNA Ancestor
  • DNA Match
  • DNA Connection

Reference tags

  • Immigrant
  • Military Service
  • Royalty/Nobility

Research tags

  • Actively Researching
  • Brick Wall
  • Complete
  • Hypothesis
  • Unverified
  • Verified

Relationship tags

  • Adopted Into This Family
  • Adopted Out of This Family
  • Died Young
  • Direct Ancestor
  • Multiple Spouses
  • Never Married
  • No Children
  • Orphan

or you can create a Custom Tag.

You select a person on your tree, I’ll select William Lonsdale Tayler.


Then you choose how you’d like to tag this individual. I haven’t been able to find this ancestor’s parents. I’m going to tag him “Brick Wall”


The tag doesn’t change the appearance of your ancestor on your tree…


but when you Select the ancestor from your tree, the expanded view shows a MyTreeTag. There’s an arrow you can select to look at the tag.


The expanded view of this ancestor, reveals any tags you’ve applied.



ThruLines™ uses the tree linked to your AncestryDNA test and searches for people in both your tree and other Ancestry member trees to find how DNA matches might be related through common ancestors.

 If ThruLines suggests a potential ancestor, the ancestor’s name will be outlined with a dashed line. Here’s a link to Ancestry’s video of the product release. ThruLines is in beta testing right now. My personal account is still trying to process requests so I’ll update this blog post as soon as I can show screenshots of ThruLines results.

Whew! It’s only Day 2 of RootsTech and the announcements are really changing how we manage our research. I’m thrilled to be able to put tags on my tree, especially DNA tags showing common ancestors. Best in your research!

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