The tables below show the Archives of Poland and where to find Online Genealogy Records for Poland with collections originating from each archive. Be sure to look at the archive itself because many of the archives host their own unique collections in addition to records they permit others to host.

This was such a large table I had to post pdfs of the table here, but this link will take you to the spreadsheet itself and all the archives link to their official website and each secondary record provider links to that site through the column title or a checkmark in the column beneath the title.

Understanding the Table Columns

  • The first column lists the National Archives of Poland, then the state archives of Poland in alphabetical order with their related branch archive(s).

  • The second column lists the territorial scope of each archive by provinces covered.

  • The remaining columns identify places, other than the archive itself, where you can find images, indexes, or transcriptions of collections. These websites include:

    • Search the Archives – the official online database for free images of records from all Polish archives (many images pending online publication

    • GenBaza – free, digitized images from several Polish archives, needs free registration to see some scans

    • Geneteka – free, digitized images and some vital record indexes from state and church archives, hosted by the Polish Genealogical Society in Poland

    • JRI-Poland – English site with primarily Jewish records in Poland but not exclusively Jewish, requires free registration

    • AGAD – the official search site for the Central Archives of Historical Records in Poland, free, online images

    • Gesher Galicia – transcribed records for the Galicia region of Poland in southeastern Poland and western Ukraine

    • – the new online search system, AtOM (Access to Memory), from the State Archives in Wroclaw for hosting collections online, a few thousand images currently

    • Lubgens – a free site for indexes of birth, marriage, and death records from the Lublin region of Poland, more than 630 parishes

    • Genealogy in the Archives – a free site initiated by the State Archives in Toruń and Bydgoszcz for images and indexes of vital records and parish records from Kuyavian-Pomerania, Pomerania, Western Pomerania, and Masovia in central and northwestern Poland

    • Poznan Project – a free index of marriages from the 1800s in the Poznan province (formerly Prussia), now Greater Poland and Kuyavian-Pomerania

    • BaSIA – free indexes of parish and civil registers from Greater Poland and Kuyavian-Pomerania provided by volunteers and Wielkopolska Genealogical Society (WTG)

    • PomGenBase – free indexes of birth, marriage, and death records for the Pomeranian region provided by volunteers and the Pomeranian Genealogical Association

    • Szpejankoskiches and Szpejenkowskis – a family surname site with free records and information for the provinces of Masovia, Kuyavian-Pomerania, and Warmia-Masuria (where their family lived)

    • Podlaska Digital Library – a digital image site for Podlaski Lublin and that general region of Poland

    • Upper Silesian Genealogical Society – free images and some indexes of vital records including civil registers and church records (Catholic, Evangelical, and Jewish) in Upper Silesia

    • Silesian Digital Library – free site hosted by the State Archives of Katowice with images and indexes, including online scans of birth records


The Archives of Poland and where to find Online Poland Genealogy Records for each - with header-1

The Archives of Poland and where to find Online Poland Genealogy Records for each - with header-2

The Archives of Poland and where to find Online Poland Genealogy Records for each - with header-6


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