Free Family Tree Art

Go to FamilySearch and create some free family tree art and then download the file and print on your own.


Choose any of these four options...or make one of each!




FamilySearch always has this Family Tree Keepsake available, but you need to know the link and right now they've spotlighted the keepsake on the front page of their website.




A few tips: Arrow through the trees to select your favorite styleOpt out of the background color if you prefer a white backgroundIf you only want immediate family, only select Include Spouse and Include Children Use Add Family Members to build your tree if necessaryUse the Refresh button to cycle through repeated options for names and how they're displayed on any treeSelect Download for any creation you might like--you don't have the ability to go back and see it again


Family Tree Keepsakes are a great gift and …
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FREE – DNA test uploads & forever features at MyHeritage DNA – thru 18 Dec 2019

This week only, MyHeritage is offering Forever FREE access to advanced DNA features on kits uploaded by December 18, 2019 at midnight (no $29 annual fee to unlock the kit).*   This means:   if you've already DNA tested at 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, or LivingDNA and can access your test results (instructions below), you can download those test results from your provider and upload them (before December 18th at midnight) to MyHeritage DNA and be grandfathered in to free advanced features forever. (Usually you pay a $29/year unlock fee to get these features.)   if you missed the deadline last December 16, 2018, to be grandfathered in to the free advanced DNA features, you can re-upload your DNA to get grandfathered in to this deal for free advanced features/no annual unlock fee.   NOTE: MyHeritage will not automatically change the fees/features for your existing uploads. If one or more of your DNA uploads is not already grandfathered in to fre…
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County Histories

County Histories Vital records, land records, tax records, and voting records are some records potentially kept at the county level. Many county histories include the history of the area, the early inhabitants and notable people, early officers and representatives, military service, the geology, roads, and waterways and more. County histories can provide valuable information about our ancestors and the information may include women, for whom records are often more difficult to obtain.

This post will be updated to include US County Histories by locality.
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