MyHeritage AutoClusters released at RootsTech 2019

The excitement on Day 1 of RootsTech 2019 was MyHeritage announced that with the help of the team at, they were releasing a new DNA tool, AutoClusters, to help identify common ancestral lines for DNA matches. This tool should appear under your DNA tools in the next day or so.


Ran Snir, Senior Developer at MyHeritage, explained that Autoclusters are a visual tool to help you group DNA matches who show a degree of relatedness. As summarized at MyHeritage, "Each of the colored cells in a cluster represents an intersection between two of your matches, meaning that both individuals match each other (in addition to matching you). These cells are grouped together physically and by color to create a powerful visual chart of your shared match clusters."

MyHeritage blog about AutoClusters


How AutoClusters Work

The way it will work at MyHeritage DNA is the x-axis and y-axis for this grid will display the identical…

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BYU Family History Technology Workshop 2019

Today I attended the BYU Family History Technology Workshop at BYU co-chaired by Professor Mark Clement of the Department of Computer Science and Professor Joe Price of the Department of Economics. It was a great workshop showcasing genealogy apps based on new technology and research.

The keynote speaker was Mike Mansfield of MyHeritage. I'll spare you the favoritism and just say my husband spoke about the advances in DNA and Technology in Family History. Some of this presentation was taken from a class he taught in Oslo that you can view for free at Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

Then we had a fun "lightning round" of BYU Family History Technology Lab presentations from college students. Each student had six minutes to explain their project and its application and benefit in the field of Family History and Genealogy. Some of these projects require a FamilySearch login to access the tools.


Vet Finder

Jesse Williams presented the Handwriting…

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RootsTech Tips

Updated! RootsTech is two days away is here and my only tips have to do with getting around. I've had knee surgery and a total hip replacement so I sympathize with anyone who gets sore from walking. Here goes.

Remember where you parked. This should go without saying but I forgot to take a picture of where I parked and, uh, yeah, extra walking.Plan your schedule in advance and arrive early for classes if you want a seat. RootsTech tries to put popular classes in the largest rooms on the main level but plan ahead if it's in one of the smaller rooms. The provided map doesn't do justice to the ingress and egress problems in the 155, 255, etc area. Red flag people. On the main level, if the Expo Hall is open, you have a short cut to the 155s. Otherwise, you walk some long, weird hall. Something strange happens at the 255s - a half-stairway that gets like Disney on a bad day, so get there early if you want a) a seat or b) personal space as you walk to class.There are e…
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