Fee or Free Online Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850

  The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), The Essex Institute, and others were commissioned to publish Massachusetts Vital Records up to 1850 for various towns in Massachusetts. From AmericanAncestors (NEHGS): "At the turn of the twentieth century NEHGS was instrumental in introducing and passing legislation to appropriate funds to produce books of vital statistics to the year 1850 for the cities and towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. ...Not all Massachusetts towns are included."   FEE options   AmericanAncestors AmericanAncestors.com has a Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 Collection that includes these commissioned books as well as some substitutes for towns whose vital records were not collected/commissioned. You can search by individual town volume. Ancestry Ancestry.com has these individual books available online and you can search by individual town volume. FindMyPast FindMyPast.com has this collection available online …
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Barbour Collection Comparison Chart – Fee or Free Options by Town

Here's a comparison chart to go with my blog, Fee or Free options for the Barbour Collection (Connecticut Vital Records). The first two columns are contact information for requesting vital records from local town clerks and the last three columns are online Connecticut vital records options. Best in your searches! Town/City Clerk Telephone Free Barbour Collection BMDs Barbour Collection BMDs American Ancestors - Fee Barbour Collection BMDs Ancestry - Fee Fee Andover Town Clerk 17 School Street Andover, CT 06232 860-742-0188 Andover BMD 1848-1851 Andover BMD 1848-1879 Ansonia City Clerk 253 Main Street Ansonia, CT 06401 203-736-5980 Ashford Town Clerk 5 Town Hall Road Ashford, CT 06278 860-487-4401 Ashford BMD Ashford BMD 1710-1851 Ashford BMD 1710-1851 Avon Town Clerk 60 West Main Street Avon, CT 06001 860-409-4311 Avon BMD Avon BMD 1830-1851 Avon BMD 1830-1851 Barkhamsted Town Clerk 67 Ripley Hill Road Barkhamsted, CT 06063-3340 860-379-8665 Barkhamsted BMD Ba…
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The Barbour Collection – Fee or Free

The Barbour Collection is the best early vital records collection for Connecticut birth, marriage, and death records, aside from town vital records. It's named after Lucius B. Barbour, Connecticut’s examiner of public records in the early 1900s. It's a statewide index of Connecticut birth, marriage, and death records listed alphabetically and by towns. The date ranges vary by town, based on when the town was created and started keeping records. In Connecticut, by law, each town was and still is responsible for keeping and maintaining the birth records, marriage records, and death records for that town. Barbour, as well as those he enlisted, went town to town copying these vital records. They attempted to compile records through 1850 but some towns have records up to 1870. The Barbour Collection is not complete, and AmericanAncestors (NEHGS) has a great article explaining some known deficiencies. Fee options for the Barbour Collection AmericanAncestors.com AmericanAnc…
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