NEW! MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry Test

MyHeritage has announced their newest product, the MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry Test. MyHeritage will now offer two separate DNA tests: MyHeritage DNA Ancestry-Only testMyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry test


The Health+Ancestry test will be a cheek swab test, similar to the Ancestry-Only test. Customers who have already purchased a MyHeritage DNA test for genealogy (now called the MyHeritage DNA Ancestry-Only test) can pay $120 to upgrade their test results to include the health results. They'll need to complete a questionnaire about their personal and family health history but they will not need to submit a new swab or DNA kit.


MyHeritage will also offer a Health Subscription plan for $99/year that can be canceled at any time. The Health Subscription will give customers access to all new health reports as they are released without needing to re-test DNA. The Health Subscription will also give customers access to all adva…

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DNA Day Sales & Benefits at Test Sites

Thursday, April 25th is National DNA Day in the US and these testing companies have sales: 23andMeAncestryDNAFamilyTreeDNALiving DNAMyHeritageDNA


I'll share, in italics, what I've gleaned from my test results at each site.




23andMe has a 3-in-1 DNA test for $99 (not on sale) and a Health & Ancestry test on sale for $169 ($30 off the list price of $199). 23andMe's Ancestry test is a 3-in-1 DNA test and includes some mitochondrial and Y-DNA (Y-DNA only if you are male) results, but that portion of the testing is not as comprehensive as FamilyTreeDNA's mtDNA and Y-DNA tests.

I have 1200 DNA matches at 23andMe, mainly extended family, 3rd cousins and beyond. I don't use 23andMe for genealogy purposes. I primarily follow my 23andMe test results for the health test results-they're currently the only one of these companies offering health results (you'll need to purchase the Health & Ancestry t…

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MyHeritage AutoClusters released at RootsTech 2019

The excitement on Day 1 of RootsTech 2019 was MyHeritage announced that with the help of the team at, they were releasing a new DNA tool, AutoClusters, to help identify common ancestral lines for DNA matches. This tool should appear under your DNA tools in the next day or so.


Ran Snir, Senior Developer at MyHeritage, explained that Autoclusters are a visual tool to help you group DNA matches who show a degree of relatedness. As summarized at MyHeritage, "Each of the colored cells in a cluster represents an intersection between two of your matches, meaning that both individuals match each other (in addition to matching you). These cells are grouped together physically and by color to create a powerful visual chart of your shared match clusters."

MyHeritage blog about AutoClusters


How AutoClusters Work

The way it will work at MyHeritage DNA is the x-axis and y-axis for this grid will display the identical…

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