MyHeritage AutoClusters released at RootsTech 2019

The excitement on Day 1 of RootsTech 2019 was MyHeritage announced that with the help of the team at, they were releasing a new DNA tool, AutoClusters, to help identify common ancestral lines for DNA matches. This tool should appear under your DNA tools in the next day or so.


Ran Snir, Senior Developer at MyHeritage, explained that Autoclusters are a visual tool to help you group DNA matches who show a degree of relatedness. As summarized at MyHeritage, "Each of the colored cells in a cluster represents an intersection between two of your matches, meaning that both individuals match each other (in addition to matching you). These cells are grouped together physically and by color to create a powerful visual chart of your shared match clusters."

MyHeritage blog about AutoClusters


How AutoClusters Work

The way it will work at MyHeritage DNA is the x-axis and y-axis for this grid will display the identical…

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UPDATED -Time’s Running Out to Upload DNA to MyHeritage for Free- deadline extended to 15 Dec 2018

Time's running out! Only 15 days left to Upload DNA to MyHeritage for FREE!   This is our last chance to transfer Autosomal DNA tests from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, and Living DNA to MyHeritage for FREE, to be grandfathered in to free ethnicity estimates, use of the chromosome browser, and some other features.   Deadline Announcement On December 1, 2018, MyHeritage extended their free transfer policy for 2 weeks. The last day for DNA transfers is Saturday, 15 December 2018. After that, MyHeritage will no longer accept free transfers. Here's a quote from their most recent blog:

We have just extended our deadline for free DNA uploads to December 16, 2018. As of this date, our policy regarding DNA uploads will change. DNA Matching will remain free for uploaded DNA data, but unlocking additional DNA features will require an extra payment for DNA results uploaded after this date.

Prior to this, the last day for transfers…
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Quick & Dirty Family Trees for DNA Matches

Genealogists often build Quick & Dirty family trees (Q&D trees) for DNA matches who don't have linked family trees or for DNA matches whose trees aren't complete enough to help determine the family relationship.   I don't have the patience to build a tree for each tree-challenged DNA match, so I use a shortcut.  


I'm a hobbyist. My husband is a professional in the industry. Professional Genealogists probably consider this a very low-brow method partially because I'm using a public family tree that I didn't personally research and because the FamilySearch tree will have errors. When I research with my husband, he hands me a stack of these papers and tells me, "Document everything, especially failures." This isn't that; it's not original research. That's why the title includes the words "find" and "quick and dirty." I ain't doing the work. To some pros, this method is akin to dum…

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