Search the 1950 US Census TODAY! FREE!

Today's the day!

The 1950 US Census images have been released by NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration in the U.S.) and are viewable on their website for FREE.

TIP: In the search returns, three buttons you'll want to understand: Population Schedules button is for viewing the images/scansHelp Us Transcribe Names button is for improving the indexShare button is to share the link on Twitter or Facebook, or to simply copy the link Location Search

There is a location index and you're able to search by state, county or city, and enumeration district and then search a batch of images/census scans for a locale, but then you'll need to go page by page, looking for an ancestor's name the old-fashioned way. You'll have better results if you can narrow the location search to a state AND a county/city.

Name Search

There is a name index provided by NARA but it is a very preliminary work, so there are many false posit…

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RootsTech Deals and Promotions 2022

Here's a quick summary of promotions and free downloads being offered by RootsTech Sponsors. (See Exhibitor promotions and downloads here.) Be aware that not all sponsors are offering deals in their booths. You can click on the sponsor's name to be taken to their RootsTech booth where you can watch their Main Stage classes, other classes, product demos, and more. Most of the classes will remain online for a year, but the promotions are time-sensitive and some end today, others end the last day of RootsTech. Have a great week at RootsTech! RootsTech 2022 SPONSORS FamilySearch FamilySearch Research Consultations - free, 20 minute online consultation sessions - in English, Español, Português, Italiano, Deutsch, Nederlands, 中文 (Chinese), ไทย (Thai) MyHeritage All advanced DNA features are free forever for DNA data uploaded this week!50% off Complete Plan at MyHeritage - see promotions in Expo HallDNA test kit sale $59, free shipping for 2+ k…
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The MyHeritage Complete Plan: 5 things I like

It's like using hand tools vs. power tools. Sometimes you need to purchase the right tool for the job.

VERSUS MyHeritage offers several plans for customers: They offer Family Tree plans for people who just want to build their tree on the siteThey offer Data Subscriptions for people who just want to search the historical records collections They offer DNA tests for a fee and tools are free with their test OR DNA transfers/uploads and their complete set of tools for a feeAnd they offer The Complete Plan which bundles all these and is the best deal. Read 5 reasons to use the Complete Plan 1. The MyHeritage Complete Plan gives you access to a Different Community – the MyHeritage site is available in 42 languages (compared to Ancestry with 7). This invites a broader community. About half of MyHeritage users are from Europe, far more than the competitors. If you have European ancestry within the last 4 generations, yo…
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