How to Export a GEDCOM File from FamilySearch Family Tree



To export a GEDCOM file from FamilySearch Family Tree you must use one of their partners. Below you can follow links to each partner site or to instructions for how to download from that site.  


What is a GEDCOM file?

GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunications and is a standard file structure for genealogical information. It's the most popular file type used to exchange & share family tree information. If you want a copy of someone's family tree, you ask for a GEDCOM file.

FamilySearch Family Tree is a "one tree" site where they own the family tree and everyone adds to it and grows the tree. Because it's a communal tree, others can make changes to your family lines and you may want to have your own copy of the entire tree on a separate site where no one else can make changes.

But FamilySearch doesn't allow yo…

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