TapGenes-Your Family Health Pedigree

TapGenes is an exciting new website where you create a free family tree for the purpose of tracking your family’s health history. It’s a family health pedigree of sorts. I first read about TapGenes as I was preparing to attend RootsTech 2016. They were a finalist for the Innovator Showdown and they ended up winning the $20,000 grand prize, beating out some strong competition. If your family is at all like mine, half the family speaks freely of their health problems, even over dinner, and half of us are more reserved (not to mention turned off). Enter TapGenes. Quick backstory. My younger brothers call me every time they or a child has a new medical issue and they ask about our family health history. Our parents died young and I was one of the only siblings old enough to know and remember their health issues. But I really don’t like thinking about medical things, much less discussing them. TapGenes is a perfect compromise for what needs to be shared and when and whe…
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