Happy DNA Day – an Offer for AncestryDNA Testers

Happy DNA Day!   23andMe is holding a one-day special for AncestryDNA customers. If you've tested anywhere other than Ancestry, skip to the end for sites where you can get free offers. Today only, Ancestry DNA testers can upload their test results to 23andMe (for free) and receive 4 free health reports! 23andMe doesn't usually accept DNA test uploads.         To download your AncestryDNA, you'll need to:   Login to your account at Ancestry.com Navigate to the DNA tab on the top menu bar Select "Your DNA Results Summary"         Select the Gear icon next to "Settings" on the right side of the page         PAY ATTENTION HERE - Select "Download Raw DNA Data" on the right side of the window BE CAREFUL, it's inconveniently close to a "Delete Test Results" button         Enter your Ancestry Account passw…
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Fee or Free – Online Family Trees

Here's a quick look at some Fee and Free Family Tree offerings. Fee Family Trees and Limited-free Family Trees MyHeritage I have a premium family tree on MyHeritage and with their premium offering I have multiple separate trees (one I uploaded for my family, one I uploaded for my husband's family, and one I uploaded for my cousin's take on our shared ancestry). I love the Smart Matches (tree to tree matching of ancestors), Record Matches (tree to record matches of ancestors), Record Detective II matches (the hints they send when someone from one record you've sourced to an ancestor matches info on that ancestor from another source at MyHeritage), and the Book Matching (tree to book matches-they constantly search online books collections for you). I have hundreds of potential tree matches at MyHeritage and thousands of potential Records Matches. I also have DNA matches at MyHeritage.  MyHeritage's tree only has the "ancestral view" which goes from the bottom (you or your ch…
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