How I’m Using Curt Witcher’s RootsTech class: Five Things All Genealogists Should Do Before They Die

I attended Curt Witcher's RootsTech class "Five Things All Genealogists Should Do Before They Die" because I looked over the handout and knew he was part of my tribe. He is the Senior Manager for Special Collections at the Allen County Public Library. Each of his bullet points is something I'm working on and care about deeply. He is a brilliant, engaging lecturer and has a lot of great ideas.



His bucket list items were:

Tell Your Own StoryInterview as many Relatives, Family, Friends, and Colleagues as possibleOrganize your ResearchDeal with your ImagesExplore new Technologies



1. Tell Your Own Story

I've written a couple of blogs about this and am carving some time in my weekly monthly schedule to record stories of my life. I'm writing episodic stories about specific events and then I'd like to create short Animoto videos to go along with the longer, written version. Both of my parents di…

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How to Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital Files

As part of my Digitize the Family History This Month project, I've pulled out old audio cassette tapes with oral histories or other recordings of living and deceased family members.   At the end of this How To, I'm including some types of cassette recordings I've found to help spark your curiosity about what your family may have recorded.     How to Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital Files   There are several ways to convert old audio cassette tapes to digital files and I'll describe four methods. I've used three of these methods: one very low tech and two with better sound resolution and quality.   Here's an image of my final method of choice but your needs may be different than mine so I'll share a few different ideas.   Perhaps the Simplest Audio Method  (I haven't tried this) Purchase a Cassette to MP3 Converter from Amazon or another store. For about $25 you could save yourself a lot of recording hassle. This device will plu…
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Some Fall Projects

I'm going to be radio-silent for the next few weeks because I have several pressing Fall projects outside of work and family obligations. These are probably in reverse order of importance, but here goes.  

First, the grapes are overdue to be picked and juiced. I've processed 50 quarts and have at least that many more to pick and juice. The rest of the garden, mercifully, has been harvested.

Second, my brain finally reached input-overload and I can no longer juggle and remember all my accounts and passwords, my family members' accounts and passwords, and generally feel like I'm on top of things. I'm geeking-out and making a Home Operations Manual with Phone numbers, Bills & Accounts, the Family Budget, a Home Inventory, a Food Inventory, a Family History Inventory, and a section for Operations Manuals for every task necessary to run this home. 

Third, my family is co…

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