Some Fall Projects

I'm going to be radio-silent for the next few weeks because I have several pressing Fall projects outside of work and family obligations. These are probably in reverse order of importance, but here goes.  

First, the grapes are overdue to be picked and juiced. I've processed 50 quarts and have at least that many more to pick and juice. The rest of the garden, mercifully, has been harvested.

Second, my brain finally reached input-overload and I can no longer juggle and remember all my accounts and passwords, my family members' accounts and passwords, and generally feel like I'm on top of things. I'm geeking-out and making a Home Operations Manual with Phone numbers, Bills & Accounts, the Family Budget, a Home Inventory, a Food Inventory, a Family History Inventory, and a section for Operations Manuals for every task necessary to run this home. 

Third, my family is co…

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Last Two Days to Sign up for Lifetime Access to the Save Your Photos Summit

If you haven't yet signed up for the September Special, Save Your Photos Summit, from, DO IT NOW! Select Join the Summit.   "Registration is open until September 30th. When Save Your Photos Month is over, we'll close registration. Once you've signed up, you'll have lifetime access to the content!"     [su_heading size="24"]Lifetime, Free Access [/su_heading] If you like FREE handouts, webinars, and printables, you have two more days to sign up!!! It's the second Saturday in fall and you're probably not interested in Organizing and Protecting Your Old Photos, an E-book on Digital Backup Basics, a printable Digital Photo Organizing Checkbook, etc TODAY. Me neither. I'm going out to prune shrubs, harvest the garden, and visit family. But take 5 minutes and sign up for this free Summit so you'll have unlimited, lifetime access to these great tools. I went to a contributor's website to find a link I could share for a great handou…
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How to Organize Your Personal Library in 8 Easy Steps

Most of us are familiar with the pristine organization of public libraries and archives.       A few of us have even geeked out and considered shelving our own books with the Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress system.       I'm not going that far, but I do love organization. Here is my ideal plan.   How to Organize a Personal Library in 8 Easy Steps   Step 1 - Bring all the books in your home into one room.

Gather books from bedrooms, coffee tables, random shelves and countertops, etc and bring them all into one place.

    Step 2 - Sort the books, by topic, into separate piles.    

This is where you might want to refer to the Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress classification systems. Get a feel for how the pros sort books and then figure out what the logical breakdown will be for your collection.

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