Family Tree Charts and Family Tree Art

Here are some ideas from RootsTech 2017 for family tree charts and family tree art. (This post will highlight the printable and custom family trees, not the many book options.)   I'm going to start with two I didn't see at RootsTech, but they're the cheapest options I've used, i.e. practically free. The ones that follow range from very affordable to custom and more pricey. Hope you enjoy!     TreeSeek TreeSeek is a free website for creating printable family tree charts. TreeSeek uses the FamilySearch family tree so you'll need to have a free account with FamilySearch and build your tree there to use this partner site. You'll allow TreeSeek access to your FamilySearch tree, they'll build the chart of your choice, then you'll download the chart to your computer or a thumbdrive and print it at your expense. I've downloaded charts and then printed them at a local copy store and love them.       FamilySearch Keepsakes FamilySearch is the preeminent f…
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MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage DNA tests are a new way to learn about your family heritage and complement your family history research. It takes about 30 seconds to use the home testing kit and about 3-4 weeks to receive results from the MyHeritage DNA lab. Thanks to MyHeritage DNA matching, MyHeritage DNA tests can help you discover relatives you haven’t previously connected with and can help you learn about your ethnic and geographic ancestry.   Benefits of MyHeritage DNA “Testing your DNA with MyHeritage offers significant benefits even if you have already taken a DNA test elsewhere. You will be able to get unique matches to users who have only tested with MyHeritage, as well as matches with users who uploaded their results to MyHeritage from other providers. Thanks to MyHeritage’s availability in more than 40 languages and wide international reach, you will have better chances of being matched with relatives who live in other countries. You will also receive a comprehensive ethnici…
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