How to Record Family Stories

On a Genealogy and Family History to-do list, recording family stories is among the most urgent of tasks. It's vital to protect perishable items and memories usually top that list.   The Best Way to Record Family Stories The best way to record family stories is to video/film the storyteller. Video preserves three things: the story the storyteller's voice the storyteller's image & personality   From video files you can: take a still photo extract the audio file if you want a separate audio version only transcribe the story for a written version save the storyteller's image and personality

I used to record oral histories on cassette tapes (in the 80s and 90s) and then used a transcribing machine to type them up. It makes me sad to think how much was lost by only having the audio and in some cases, only the transcribed story.

A popular free app, FamilySearch Memori…

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