Google Books for Genealogy

Google Books works just like a search on except it searches an online book collection instead of websites. The books come from their Library Project and Partner Program. The Library project search can result in four possible views:     I'm primarily interested in the "Full View" where I can see the entire book so I go to Google Books and do an initial search:     This is what the search results look like:     If your first interest is in seeing books that offer a "Full View", go to "Search Tools" in the center, top menu that appears after your initial search, and select "Free Google eBooks". This focused search will return only full-text books that are downloadable.     Now you'll select a book from these enhanced results.     After you've selected a book from the enhanced search results of only "Full View" books, you'll have the option to search within this book. This i…
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Free MyHeritage Book Collection

    #FamilyHistoryMonth There are a lot of great online book sites but my favorite is the free book collection at MyHeritage. The have over 400,000 books and their search engine does a great job providing results. If you're going to spend a few minutes looking for an ancestor in a book collection, try this one first. The book collection is officially called "Compilation of Published Sources" and the description says, "This collection includes a compilation of thousands of published books ranging from family, local and military histories, city and county directories,school, university and hospital reports, church and congregational minutes and much more. All records include images of the book's pages. We are continually growing this collection."  
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  • 1 for Free Family Tree Checks is a new website that offers free family tree analysis of FamilySearch family trees. Kinpoint has free services as well as premium services. Free services include checks to verify vital information is properly recorded for each person in your tree. Kinpoint puts a yellow circle by a person's name if there is any vital information that needs to be properly sourced: a death location is missing, a birthdate, etc. For LDS users Kinpoint also looks for any ordinance work that still needs to be done for ancestors in your tree. Kinpoint's premium services include looking for possible problems in your tree, like a parent born after the birth of a child, and they have source hints and matches that can help you find more documentation for people in your tree. Work done in Kinpoint updates into your FamilySearch tree reducing the need for duplicate work. I have several trees on different sites and one on my home computer but was surprised to see that my free Fa…
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