Away from Home? Use Amazon Photos to backup photos & free up your phone space – even if you don’t pay for Amazon Prime



Even if you don't have Amazon Prime, if you have parents, children, friends, or family members who do pay for the service, you can ask them to invite you to be a member of their Family Vault and you will receive the benefits listed below, without either party having to let anyone see the photos they store at Amazon Photos. Keep reading for details.



If you use your phone as your primary camera these days, Amazon has a great deal for Amazon Prime members which allows them to backup unlimited photos for free. There's a 5 GB limit for video but you can purchase extra video storage space if you need more.

Amazon Photos is a great tool for travelers who take tons of photos and videos. We backpacked for two weeks and were able to free up space on our devices each day by syncing our phones with Amazon Photos, uploading the day's pictures and videos, and then deleting them off our devices. Here…

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