Back to School sales for Family History

Here's a quick idea for your family history. Back to School sales are still in progress and it's a great time to stock up on any supplies you need for your family history and genealogy. Most of the supplies you'll buy at local stores will probably NOT be archival quality, so double check the labeling if that's a concern. Just remember,

Perfection is the enemy of progress

Winston Churchill A few things I purchased include:

FOLDERS - Folders with pockets and prongs will hold loose papers and hole-punched papers or plastic sleeves. I went with the cheapest option, US $0.15 each

Colored folders for direct-line ancestors in my family tree. I purchased a box of each color: blue, green, red, and yellow and will label each folder with one direct-line ancestor. With 40 folders per box, at US $0.15 per folder, one box of 40 folders was US $6.00.

I'm planning to use other colors for great uncles/aunts and other non-direct line …

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Fee and Free Genealogy during COVID-19

COVID-19 got you down? Me too! We're quarantined at home but with internet access there is plenty to do in the Genealogy World. Here are some fee and free ideas & offerings:


Have a Library Card? Your library building may be closed, but it's open online. Check your local library online and see what digital resources they offer. During Covid-19, Ancestry has made its Library edition available remotely in some locations (this is usually only available onsite at the library). This means you may be able to login to your library's portal, with your library card, and have FREE at home for the next few weeks. Also, see what other databases your Library pays for. Here are some that might be of interest.Watch a free Family History webinar online. Here's a list of free classes offered by FamilySearch this month. Also register for a free webinar at Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Some of their past webinars are free to view, and others require membership …
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Free Family Tree Art

Go to FamilySearch and create some free family tree art and then download the file and print on your own.


Choose any of these four options...or make one of each!




FamilySearch always has this Family Tree Keepsake available, but you need to know the link and right now they've spotlighted the keepsake on the front page of their website.




A few tips: Arrow through the trees to select your favorite styleOpt out of the background color if you prefer a white backgroundIf you only want immediate family, only select Include Spouse and Include Children Use Add Family Members to build your tree if necessaryUse the Refresh button to cycle through repeated options for names and how they're displayed on any treeSelect Download for any creation you might like--you don't have the ability to go back and see it again


Family Tree Keepsakes are a great gift and …
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