Calling all Hobbyists! Check out Relatives at RootsTech

RootsTech Connect is 24-27 February, 2021 and they have a great feature for hobbyists and professionals alike--Relatives at RootsTech. To take advantage of this feature you'll need to: Go to and sign in to this feature OR create a FamilySearch account at this link and opt in to this feature (you'll also be signing up for the RootsTech Connect conference--it's free)Build a tree (easy) by connecting yourself to a family tree at FamilySearch (use this number to call and get online help 1-866-406-1830)Once you've signed up at, you can use that link and if you have a family tree at FamilySearch, you'll be able to see how many of your cousins are registered attendees at RootsTech. If you look closely, the first image below gives you an idea what the map and list will look like. And once you've signed up, even without a family tree, you can use the link and search a family name an…
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How to Access All Your Passwords–anytime, anywhere

Every year at RootsTech the password problem is front and center. People go to a booth and try to sign up for a new partner product that uses their FamilySearch account, etc but they can't remember their login and password for FamilySearch so they can't enable the new product to access their information. Worse, they don't know how to login to their email when they're not in front of their home computer, so they can't use the site's password reset or retrieval option. Nothing is more frustrating than being at a world-class conference and not being able to take advantage of the specials and offerings. If you have issues remembering your passwords, here are some sites that will help you. These sites allow you to sync your password list across multiple devices (some only do this with paid versions). So if you show up at a Genealogy Convention needing access to some obscure account, you'll have it ready and waiting on your phone!



Keeper Security&n…
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How I’m Using Curt Witcher’s RootsTech class: Five Things All Genealogists Should Do Before They Die

I attended Curt Witcher's RootsTech class "Five Things All Genealogists Should Do Before They Die" because I looked over the handout and knew he was part of my tribe. He is the Senior Manager for Special Collections at the Allen County Public Library. Each of his bullet points is something I'm working on and care about deeply. He is a brilliant, engaging lecturer and has a lot of great ideas.



His bucket list items were:

Tell Your Own StoryInterview as many Relatives, Family, Friends, and Colleagues as possibleOrganize your ResearchDeal with your ImagesExplore new Technologies



1. Tell Your Own Story

I've written a couple of blogs about this and am carving some time in my weekly monthly schedule to record stories of my life. I'm writing episodic stories about specific events and then I'd like to create short Animoto videos to go along with the longer, written version. Both of my parents di…

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