Relative Finder from RootsTech 2016

Relative Finder is a fun, free genealogy program that's jokingly referred to as the "gateway drug to family history." Check it out and you'll see why:  Relative Finder is a genealogy program that was developed by Tom Sederberg at BYU. It's been around a while but has a new look and some new features and kids and adults alike love it! And did you miss the "free" part? It's free genealogy!!! I've created a short video if you'd like to see the program in action. Relative Finder shows relationships between users and other people, living or deceased. To use Relative Finder you’ll need to have a FamilySearch account and tree and you’ll login with your FamilySearch account. FamilySearch is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and you can create free trees on their site (a word to the wise, your FamilySearch tree shouldn’t be your only family tree or gedcom file--I'll blog about another time.) When I login, Relative Finder will show …
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ResearchTies from RootsTech 2016

After scouring the RootsTech Expo booths for three days, meeting with representatives from each booth, the exhibitor that will make the most difference in my research and genealogy needs is ResearchTies. I'm betting a lot of people missed them because they were back by the crowded computer lab area, but they offered 20 minute lab tutorials which were worth every minute (wish I could have signed up for an hour). Check out a short video highlighting How to use Research Ties at my OnGenealogy YouTube channel. ResearchTies is an online research log where users record genealogy objectives, sources, searches, record results and more. You can add digital images, url links, and import gedcoms*. And the creator and president of ResearchTies, Jill Crandell, MA in history, accredited genealogist, or her staff provides quick customer support. I'm religious about using research logs when I work offline, especially at a library. But most of my research is done in quick snippets onl…
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