RootsTech 2022 Handouts

Classes and Handouts Here's a partial list of classes by topic and handouts that are available for download. To find more handouts for a subject, use this Search Window and type a topic, country, speaker, etc into the search window. Then select each individual search result and scroll to the bottom of that class page to see if there's a Syllabus, Slide Deck, or Handout available. Some of these may not be available when RootsTech 2022 ends after March 4, 2022 so be sure to grab what you want while it's still available online. Have a great time at RootsTech! DNA

Searching for Close Relatives with Your DNA Results by Mckell Keeney

5 Free DNA Resources by Diahan Southard

What to do with your DNA test results in 2022 by Diahan Southard

DNA and the Settlers of Taranki, New Zealand by Donna Rutherford

Jewish Ethnicity & DNA; History, Migration, Genetics by Schelly Talal…

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RootsTech Connect 2021 Video Tour

Here's a 5-minute video tour of the RootsTech Connect 2021 Genealogy Convention. At the end of the convention hall tour is a 5-minute video explanation of Relatives at Rootstech, a new and improved feature that you can take advantage of from the comfort of your own home or office. There's also a free Surname Search tool if you haven't added yourself to the FamilySearch family tree (so they can't compute your Relatives at RootsTech). Be sure to visit, join Relatives at RootsTech, and see if we're related. I'm Alyson Tayler (maiden name) in the FamilySearch tree so that's how to search for me. And visit the Expo Hall vendors for free Conference swag and promotions. Some promotions and swag include: subscription discounts, free downloadable books, free downloadable genealogy magazines, resources from genealogy societies, and at the OnGenealogy booth I have a couple of free, fillable-pdf family tree art 8x10s you can download, fill out on y…
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Maintenance Essentials for Genealogy

I've had maintenance on the mind this summer. So many friends and family are dealing with problems that are largely a result of lack of maintenance. It's made me think how easy it is to lose all our gains, simply because we don't do the day-to-day and month-to-month maintenance projects.

Why am I doing massive fence repairs in July? How'd we regain all this weight?How did the sewer line break?

It goes on and on. So while I work on projects and have to set aside my family history, I'm assessing what are the maintenance essentials for genealogy in my home.

We made some incredible family history gains last year, digitizing everything (photos, papers, cassette tapes) for my side of the family and we're close to finishing this for Mike's side of the family. I can't afford to lose these gains. Here are some ideas for projects we need to either start, finish, or maintain.



Some Family History Maintenance Ideas

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