Using Recipes in your Family Histories

    It's planting season again and gardening, cooking, and canning are in my DNA.   I garden and can for pleasure but my ancestors gardened and canned out of necessity.   Here's how my father-in-law described it. "Grandma and Grandpa didn’t have an easy life. They had a garden in Gunnison they used to work day and night. They needed to grow enough in that garden to live year round. Other than a little meat they purchased, they lived off the garden. I don’t remember them having pigs or chickens or animals of any kind. They grew all kinds of potatoes and fruit trees and everything they could grow they harvested themselves. They had a big storage shelter down in the ground with wood around it and dirt on the top and they stored all this food down there to last through the winter."   Rather than feel sorry for my ancestors and their plight (which I do), I'm going to record and share the memories of these ancestors who lived off the land and the w…
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