#FamilyHistoryMonth – On Day 6 try Storyboard That

On Day 6 of #FamilyHistoryMonth try the free version of Storyboard That, a site that allows you to create storyboards and comic strips online. This would be a fun way to illustrate or tell a personal history. I'm using it to create comic strip versions of my children's daily lives. My kids aren't inclined to journal so I have them draw at least one picture a week of something funny or embarrassing that happened. Now I can take their drawings and put them into digital comic strips that we can enjoy forever. Here's one I made from my own daily life: I asked my son to get rid of the garbage in his room so he threw out items that were sentimental to me. Panel 1: "Your room is a wreck. Here are some garbage bags. Throw away anything you don't care about." Panel 2: Two hours later. "I'm done." Panel 3: Thrown away: his baby book, all K-6 artwork, anything sentimental. "Storyboard That's award-winning, browser based Storyboard Creator is the perfect tool to create stor…
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Canadiana Discovery Portal for Genealogy

Candiana.ca has a free search engine for its digital collections from libraries, museums, and archives throughout Canada. Unlike Héritage which searches specific collections held at Library and Archives Canada, the Canadiana Discovery Portal searches over 40 partnering institutions with over 65 million pages.   The Portal provides a wealth of free Canadian history online, including: books, journals, directories, newspapers, government documents, photographs, maps, and postcards. Canadiana Discovery Portal is a great resource for genealogists and family historians looking for primary source material and images related to Canadian history and many of the images are in the public domain and can be used freely. There will be a paywall for some of the search returns and after viewing the initial few pages of a document you may need to subscribe to Early Canadiana Online to have full access to the document, including the ability to download copies in PDF format. Subscrip…
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