Where to Find Historical Books for Genealogy and Family History

I was surfing Pinterest today and found "The Servantless House" by R. Randal Phillips, written after WWI, when many women had transitioned to factory jobs and there was a shortage of domestic help and increased costs for anyone hiring domestic help.  

"Already we have a Women's Legion which demands not only a very much higher rate of wage for domestic work than ever was paid in the old days, but also makes it a stipulation that a girl shall have specified times for her meals, during which she is not to be disturbed; two hours off every day; and every Sunday off from after dinner till 10 o'clock at night..."   Not only did servants start demanding breaks for meals and a few hours off each day, they also now demanded,  

"proper sleeping accommodation and adequate food."   The horror!  

"All this, quite obviously, intensifies an already very difficult pro…

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