Update: What Works at RootsWeb

  RootsWeb, the free genealogy site purchased and currently operated by Ancestry.com, crashed in 2017 and Ancestry has been trying to get the site up and running ever since.   The good news is there are portions of RootsWeb that are back online.      The bad news is many individuals and communities used RootsWeb to host their sites and I'm not aware of any "freepages" that are back online. If you know of any freepages sites that have come online, please add a link in the comments.    So What Works at RootsWeb?   Available as Read-Only at RootsWeb   Family Trees - Family Trees, aka WorldConnect, is a great site that allows people to upload GEDCOM files (family tree databases) and publish them for others to see. This is currently working. There are more than 800 million names in free family trees users have submitted to RootsWeb. I haven't been able to download any GEDCOM files for family trees that interest me, but I hav…
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RootsWeb Update from Ancestry

If you're interested in the latest RootsWeb update, but aren't on their mailing list, here's the information I received today. (Haven't used RootsWeb? Here's a glimpse at the offerings.) "Dear RootsWeb Mailing List Member, We'd like to provide you with an update on the RootsWeb mailing list service. We are on track to bring the mailing lists back online by the end of this month. The mailing list archives will be up and running with current emails in them. We are in the process of importing the old archives into the new system which will take some time. We appreciate your patience as we continue upgrading the systems that run the RootsWeb mailing lists. We know how much value this service provides to our members. Updates on our progress will continue to be posted on the RootsWeb homepage: http://www.rootsweb.com Thank you for sticking with us as we work to make these systems more secure and reliable for the future. The RootsWeb Team You are receiving this email becau…
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