Find and Follow Genealogy accounts on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to find out what’s happening in the genealogy world. Twitter allows you to follow other users and when you follow them you can see the messages they post to Twitter on your timeline. By following the right people, you can get great leads on newly released sources in areas you’re researching, flash sales for products you use, or tips from genealogy bloggers. Visit the OnGenealogy YouTube channel for a video on how to find and follow genealogy-related Twitter accounts or if you don't want a visual walk-through, just keep reading. 1st- You can follow people by typing their name in the browser URL window (if you know their username). Go to the url: "" add a forward slash and their user name so "/myheritage" and you’ll pull up MyHeritage's profile page. From here you can follow them directly. You'll know this is the official MyHeritage account because Twitter has a verified account badge to authenticate brands on their site. The ve…
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Top 5 Reasons to Use Twitter Lists for Genealogy and How to do it

Here are my Top 5 reasons to use Twitter lists for Genealogy and Family History and then a how to for creating or subscribing to a list. I've embedded a video tutorial you can watch if you prefer the visual helps. If you’re following a lot of people on Twitter your timeline might get a bit crowded and it can be hard to glean what you really want from Twitter. This is where Twitter lists are helpful. A list is a specific group of Twitter accounts that you’ll follow on a separate timeline. Reason #1 for using Twitter lists is lists allow you to organize your Twitter feed or timeline. You can have multiple timelines. I have 23 timelines in addition to my regular home timeline. I would never be able to productively follow all these people on one timeline. Reason #2 for using Twitter lists is you don’t have to be following someone on your Twitter account to follow them on a list. I’ve created a military list where I’ve added people who might be useful in my research. There…
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