Creating a Book of Remembrance as a Gift

Our family has a tradition of keeping and passing down a Book of Remembrance--a history of our family.

We include pedigree charts, family group sheets, and stories, all based on the idea that a record should be kept, Malachi 3:16 "and a book of remembrance was written" and Genesis 5:1 "This is the book of the generations of Adam".

I don't want to "update" the versions that have been passed down to me by replacing the dated pedigree charts with new ones, so I'm making each member of my family their own Book of Remembrance including that person as the starting person in that book's pedigree charts.

The ones that have been handed down to me are printed as 8.5" x 14" landscape style books which are hard, but not impossible to find. The old-fashioned binders passed down to me can still be purchased on auction sites, like Ebay, but I'm going to use a more modern, three-ring binder.

I like the Legal Landscape three-ring binder…

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Best FREE Connecticut Genealogy collections online

Connecticut genealogy collections online just keep getting better. A few of the free sites you really need to check out including offerings from Reclaim the Records, FamilySearch, Internet Archive, the Connecticut State Archives, PastPerfectOnline, Community History Archive, Connecticut GenWeb and GenWeb Archives, and individual societies and libraries. If you have a favorite free, online collection not listed here, please add it in the comments. Reclaim the Records - A MUST VISIT!

The Connecticut Genealogy Index, from Reclaim the Records - A FREE searchable database containing 576,638 births, 2,180,700 marriages, 2,086 civil unions, and 2,772,116 deaths - this is a NEW site and an incredible index


FamilySearch has a large Connecticut collection including indexed Connecticut records and image collections many of which require scrolling page by page. These include vital records, land records, military records, natur…

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Best FREE Pennsylvania Genealogy Collections online

Here's an overview of some great Pennsylvania genealogy collections available online. Some are indexed collections you can search by name, others are transcribed collections you may need to scroll through, and others are image-only collections you'll need to scroll image by image, but from the comfort of your own home, rather than at a library! FamilySearch

FamilySearch has the largest collection of free genealogy collections online. You'll need to login with a free FamilySearch account to access most of these collections, but there's never any Try these lists of collections:

Pennsylvania Birth, Marriage, and Death Records online by County Pennsylvania Birth, Marriage, and Death Records online by City A-M Pennsylvania Birth, Marriage, and Death Records online by City N-Z Find indexed Pennsylvania collections, then image only collections at FamilySearch State Archives

Pennsylvania State Archives online collections, 1906-1917 birth rec…

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