On Day 20 of Family History Month, try out the resources at Canadiana.


Canadiana for genealogy OnGenealogy Family History Month

Candiana.org has a free search engine for its digital collections from libraries, museums, and archives throughout Canada. The Canadiana Discovery Portal searches over 40 partnering institutions with over 40 million pages of digitized content.

Canadiana Discovery Portal

The Portal provides a wealth of free Canadian history online, including: books, journals, directories, newspapers, government documents, photographs, maps, and postcards.

Also check out  Canadiana Online.  Canadiana Online is a specific subcollection including:

  • Monographs to 1920

  • Periodicals to 1920

  • Annuals to 1900

  • Federal government publications to 1900

  • Colonial government publications to 1867

  • Newspapers to 1926

You can search Canadiana Online for free, but with a subscription you’ll be directed to the precise image/page rather than just the collection where your search return is found. You’ll also be able to download PDFs of any image in the collection.

The nice thing about a subscription is you can pay for one month, with no recurring expense or charge, and your receipt will clearly state on what day your subscription will end.

And of course, the subcollection, Héritage at Canadiana, searches specific collections held at Library and Archives Canada, and is extremely helpful for Canadian genealogy research.

Happy #FamilyHistoryMonth and best in your research, whether it’s by fee or free.


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