Family History Videos

No family photos? No problem.

If you don’t have photos to go along with a family story you can use copyright-free photos to make your video engaging. There are six example videos below, the last four use some copyright-free stock photography in lieu of family-owned photos. I’ll share the videos of living people first, but scroll down if you’re only interested in ways to create videos of ancestors’ lives.

WHY make Family History Videos?

Videos are engaging. They are easily shareable. They can be watched on all types of devices: TVs, desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can create strong, visual memories that influence the way others see or remember a time of life. They spread happiness!

Here are some examples of Family History Videos we’ve created. You can enlarge the viewing window for any of these videos by selecting the fullscreen icon in the bottom-right corner of the video. You can also use the setttings icon to see a lower-resolution version if you have trouble playing the videos I’ve embedded. Final versions of videos are 1080 p-HD-but you’ll also be given duplicate copies with alternate/lower resolution versions of the final product.

Here’s one with video snippets I shared during RootsTech Connect 2021. It’s my husband’s mother and aunt discussing their canning traditions and how they used canning to help afford raising large families. I wish I’d been more careful in the initial video recording because someone is working in the kitchen as we record and the background noise interferes with the audio quality. I’ll be remaking this one without the music soundtrack as well-just to see which version we prefer.

And here’s another short video I made for RootsTech 2021’s family traditions segment. I make TONS of family videos. Videos are a great gift, especially for the hard-to-buy-for person. I’m creating family videos to remind my kids of the fun times we’ve had. It’s amazing how much better you feel about your life when you have someone highlight the good times. Especially with a year of quarantining…video memories remind us that this is just one short year in a much fuller life.

This is a 2 minute video of an experience with the World War I draft. This one also includes some stock photography and the music has been changed for presentation on this page.

Here’s a 3 minute video summarizing a life history. And again, some stock photography to fill in the gaps.

And this is a 3 1/2 minute video introducing an ancestral line. This video includes a great deal of stock photography.

These videos were created using They have a free version which includes watermarks or a subscription version. You can also make simple family history slideshows using the free slideshow programs that come with most computers/PCs. However you choose to do it, save the memories!