Here are some ideas from RootsTech 2017 for family tree charts and family tree art. (This post will highlight the printable and custom family trees, not the many book options.)


I’m going to start with two I didn’t see at RootsTech, but they’re the cheapest options I’ve used, i.e. practically free. The ones that follow range from very affordable to custom and more pricey. Hope you enjoy!




TreeSeek is a free website for creating printable family tree charts. TreeSeek uses the FamilySearch family tree so you’ll need to have a free account with FamilySearch and build your tree there to use this partner site. You’ll allow TreeSeek access to your FamilySearch tree, they’ll build the chart of your choice, then you’ll download the chart to your computer or a thumbdrive and print it at your expense. I’ve downloaded charts and then printed them at a local copy store and love them.

TreeSeek free printable family trees


FamilySearch Keepsakes

FamilySearch is the preeminent free family tree, free genealogy records website and offers a few free, downloadable family tree prints. You’ll need to build a free family tree at FamilySearch and allow them to pull your data into the tree. I’ve downloaded a couple of these trees and printed them at a local copy shop. The two I chose had three generations in the tree and I just threw the 8×10 print into a frame for an inexpensive family tree display.

FamilySearch keepsakes free family tree art



GenealogyWallCharts is a website for affordable, though not free, printable family tree charts. GenealogyWallCharts currently only accepts family trees from FamilySearch, the free tree site, but follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates including other GEDCOM options in the future. Their site will pull ancestral data as well as pictures from FamilySearch trees into their charts. They have many print options and affordable pricing. They were running a hopping business at RootsTech 2017, printing thousands of charts and selling beautiful wood engravings as well. Caveat: I haven’t been able to get my FamilySearch tree to download but they have contact information on their site if you need help.



Family Chartmasters

Family Chartmasters is a family tree chart printing company with multiple chart options including fill in the blank family wall charts. They had a very busy booth at RootsTech and for good reason; visit their Gallery for family tree chart options. Follow them on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for updates and offers.

Family Chartmasters



MyCanvas is a company owned by Alexanders Print Shop that specializes in printing family tree charts, family history books, calendars, and custom albums. MyCanvas uploads data from trees. You can create a free tree at Ancestry if you want to purchase MyCanvas products. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and offers. I haven’t purchased any charts from MyCanvas but I have purchased a family history book populated with 4 generations of data and photos from my family tree. I created it as a gift for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday and it was a very high quality, bound book and was customizable in many ways. I would definitely order from MyCanvas again.

MyCanvas books and posters


Family Trees and Timelines

Family Trees and Timelines is a more artistic and expensive option done with calligraphy. “Our customized family tree is a unique fine art creation that a person or family can display in their home. Each family tree documents your family genealogy back four generations, or five generations if modifications are made to include the names and photo’s of children beneath the tree.  Ancestor names are handwritten in copperplate calligraphy by Janet for every customized family tree, uploaded into Photoshop, and placed on the tree in the proper place.  All photos are restored and enhanced by Robert prior to being placed in the ovals on the tree.”

Family Trees and Timelines


Family Tree and Me

Family Tree and Me focuses on photographic family trees. “Our products are designed to showcase the family! They are attractive and eye-appealing! They make memorable keepsakes! They can be given as gifts! They’re great for family reunions! They are more than just art pieces– they are conversation pieces!” Follow them on Facebook for updates and special offers!

Family Tree and Me family tree charts art



Branches is a custom family tree chart business (owned by Matt and Carolynn Reynolds) that exhibited at RootsTech 2017. “We are a husband & wife team that have a passion for art, design & families. We design our products with the hope that they will bring families together & inspire others to seek after & appreciate their unique family histories.” Both Matt and Carolyn are graphic designers and have worked many aspects of the design trade, including custom fine art. “As a team, we hope to provide high-quality art pieces that our customers will treasure for their lifetime. …We started Branches with the sincere hope that we could spread our love for family and genealogy to people around the world!”

Branches Family tree art


Tapestree – Family Tree Art Displays

“Handcrafted from copper in O’Fallon, Mo, the Tapestree’s design allows each branch to safely and securely hold a variety of small ornaments and keepsakes. … From our photo frame charms used to create a unique family tree, to large hole Pandora style beads, crystals, jewelry, and other miniature collectibles, Tapestrees can be used to capture and showcase special memories and milestones throughout the years.” Follow them on Facebook for new products and special offers.

Tapestree Family Tree



Okay, so this is not a family tree chart, but it definitely falls under family tree art in my book so I’m throwing it in. I love the idea of capturing family history through caricatures/art. So, if this is your thing, follow their blog and check them out on Facebook and Twitter.



And one that was not at RootsTech:


AsynjaArt in Sweden

AsynjaArt “is a family tree art company based in Sweden owned by Anna Edin. “The niche I have chosen is to paint personal family tree.” “There are large original hand-painted in tuschlavyr, watercolor or acrylic, pre-printed trees to fill in yourself or maybe a tree on the wall?”

“The technique I mostly use my paintings are a combination of tuschlavyr and watercolor. It is a legacy of my mentor Rolf Lidberg but also inspired by other masters such as Carl Larsson, Elsa Beskow and Ilon Wikland. For larger paintings on the walls and I use acrylic paint as a medium.” Follow AsynjaArt on Facebook and Twitter for more offerings.

AsynjaArt Family Tree art


And one more that was not at RootsTech, but hey, this one’s great if you love DNA or if you haven’t researched and documented your tree but wish you had something to display.


Dot One in England

Dot One is a DNA genealogy company based in London that provides DNA testing and then uses your DNA results to code designs for personalized posters and textiles. Follow Dot One on Facebook and Twitter for the latest DNA product offerings.


DotOne DNA posters



I think family tree charts and art are a well-earned treat for those who explore their heritage. So after your investment in research, indulge, and display your passion!

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