How do I create a list of favorite listings?

You will need an account at OnGenealogy if you want to create a list of “favorite” listings. How do I create an account at OnGenealogy?

When you’re logged in to your account and you find a listing you’d like to save to your favorites, you select the heart icon (see image below).

Image show how to add a listing to favorites at OnGenealogy

The icon will turn red, letting you know you’ve added it to your favorites.

Image shows a favorited listing at OnGenealogy

To find your curated list of “favorite” listings, use the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the page, by your public username

image shows dropdown menu by your public username at OnGenealogy

You will have the option to see:

  • Listings – a list of business listings you’ve added to the OnGenealogy directory
  • Favorites – a list of business listings you’ve “favorited” at OnGenealogy
  • Edit Profile – this allows you to make changes to your profile
  • Log out – this is where you will log out of our directory

When you select “Favorites” from the drop down menu, you’ll see any business listings you’ve favorited.

Image of favorited listings display at OnGenealogy