The 1875 Norway Census (Norwegian: Folketellingen for kongeriget Norge den 31te desember 1875) began December 31, 1875 and is expected to include 99% of the population of Norway. Information was gathered by census takers throughout the country who spoke to any family member living at an address or a neighbor if family wasn’t on-site. Some people were enumerated twice because they were temporary residents in one locale but their names were also given at their home residence.

Some information contained in the 1875 Norway Census includes:

  • Name

  • Gender

  • Resident or Temporary Resident

  • Whether Absent from parish and location at time of Census

  • Position in family

  • Occupation

  • Marital Status

  • Year of Birth

  • Place of Birth

  • Religion (if not the state church)


Where to find the 1875 Norway Census?


Fee Sites

  • Ancestry

    Ancestry has the Norway, Select Census, 1875 and their records came from FamilySearch, so have the same benefits and limitations of the FamilySearch collection (the records are currently from Akershus county, Hedmark county, and Østfold county in Norway)

  • MyHeritage

    MyHeritage has the 1875 Norway Census and this appears to be the same data as Ancestry and FamilySearch with records currently from Akershus, Hedmark, and Østfold. MyHeritage has excellent translation services which might help bridge any language barriers as you search these records.


Free Sites

  • FamilySearch

    FamilySearch has the 1875 Norway Census limited to partial returns for Akershus, Hedmark, and Østfold and will add data as it is acquired.

  • Norwegian Historical Data

    Norwegian Historical Data is a national institution at the University of Tromso in Norway and has a partial, searchable transcription of the 1875 Norway Census. They transcribe and index censuses and church records in Norway for statistical and historical research purposes but make their work freely available. Their 1875 Census includes more locales than FamilySearch, Ancestry, or MyHeritage and you can see a chart showing the number of transcribed census records by year and municipality (not parish) as well as a list for the 1875 Norway Census of who performed the transcriptions if it was not Norwegian Historical Data (RHD).

  • DigitialArkivet

    DigitalArkivet, the digital arm of the National Archives in Norway, has many 1875 Norway Census returns searchable online. All records at the Digital Archives of Norway are free and they have vast, online collections.

For more information on how to best search the 1875 Norway Census (and other Norwegian records), I’d recommend you follow a native blogger who has invested a lot of time in the research. I follow Martin Roe Eidhammer at Norwegian Genealogy and then some and there are probably others as well. Best in your searches, whether they’re fee or free!

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