Go to FamilySearch and create some free family tree art and then download the file and print on your own.


Choose any of these four options…or make one of each!




FamilySearch always has this Family Tree Keepsake available, but you need to know the link and right now they’ve spotlighted the keepsake on the front page of their website.




A few tips:

  • Arrow through the trees to select your favorite style
  • Opt out of the background color if you prefer a white background
  • If you only want immediate family, only select Include Spouse and Include Children
  • Use Add Family Members to build your tree if necessary
  • Use the Refresh button to cycle through repeated options for names and how they’re displayed on any tree
  • Select Download for any creation you might like–you don’t have the ability to go back and see it again


Family Tree Keepsakes are a great gift and are nice to display in your own home!

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