Happy DNA Day!


23andMe is holding a one-day special for AncestryDNA customers.

If you’ve tested anywhere other than Ancestry, skip to the end for sites where you can get free offers.

Today only, Ancestry DNA testers can upload their test results to 23andMe (for free) and receive 4 free health reports! 23andMe doesn’t usually accept DNA test uploads.

23andMe DNA Day upload special one day only

To download your AncestryDNA, you’ll need to:


  • Login to your account at Ancestry.com

  • Navigate to the DNA tab on the top menu bar

  • Select “Your DNA Results Summary”

AncestryDNA Your DNA Results Summary menu to download DNA

  • Select the Gear icon next to “Settings” on the right side of the page



  • PAY ATTENTION HERE – Select “Download Raw DNA Data” on the right side of the window

  • BE CAREFUL, it’s inconveniently close to a “Delete Test Results” button


Image of AncestryDNA Download Raw DNA Data button


  • Enter your Ancestry Account password and then you’ll have to hit “Confirm” saying you agree to their Terms and Conditions and Privacy statement and Agree that you assume all the risks associated with this download:


Your Ancestry account info



  • Check your email inbox and look for an email from Ancestry.com with a DNA file attached

  • Download this file to your computer or whatever secure storage place you use

  • Go to https://23andMe.com

  • Select “Click Here” in the banner on the top of the page



  • You’ll be taken to a window where you’ll start the process to upload your AncestryDNA test results to 23andMe. Follow their instructions to upload your data.



And if you’re interested in more than just the four free health reports at 23andMe, upload your results to these sites as well and reap the free benefits each site offers!



Have you done a DNA test at a site other than Ancestry? Check out the above sites upload offers for your specific DNA test and enjoy the free benefits they offer. The sites below accept some DNA, but do not yet accept AncestryDNA:



Best in your research!


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