Here are some great gift ideas for the genealogists in your life.

These are primarily US sites. If you have a genealogy business, product, or service you’d like to see included in future posts, please reach out to me at to be added to our listings!


Books and Guides




Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System PS80 available at some libraries & Family History Centers to use for free – these auto feed multiple photos at a time!

*These are products, services, subscriptions I own or have used.

For Family History/Genealogy books, MyCanvas is my favorite. It imports your tree from an Ancestry account (even a free one) and looks very professional.

I’ve also used Mixbooks and Blurb for family photo books and those are well-received gifts.

I LOVE my Legacy Family Tree Webinars subscription and I renew it every year. They have at least weekly webinars, usually multiple webinars per week and free handouts to subscribers.

High quality scanners are very expensive (can cost thousands of dollars) so I’ve used high quality scanners provided for free at libraries and family history centers. With Covid-19 closures, renting one for a few days is a great option. Purchasing a nice scanner is a great idea if it’s not cost-prohibitive.

DNA tests are fun. I’ve tested with all the major companies. The best sites for matches are Ancestry and MyHeritage. MyHeritage has more unique matches outside of the US. Ancestry has more overall matches for Americans (because Americans have primarily tested here). Both have fun DNA tools. FTDNA is more scientific and has Y DNA and mtDNA tests. 23andMe is fun, not as much bang for the buck for genealogy and they also have Y-DNA and mtDNA results. LivingDNA is based in the UK and has a much smaller database but if you have UK ancestry, they can provide nearly a county by county breakdown of your DNA and they also have some Y-DNA and mtDNA results. I’m a little ho-hum about DNA because it’s just verified what I already knew through passed down genealogical records. But if you don’t know your genetic background-get tested and then buy Diahan Southard’s Your DNA Guide book–it’s a GREAT step by step DNA problem solver-the best I’ve seen (pricey, but worth it).

I’ve recently tried If you’ve already DNA-tested you can upload your DNA for free and pay for different apps/genetic reports. You can also test with, including whole-genome sequencing. I haven’t tested here, but I did enjoy comparing my Ethnicity report ($10) from their site with all the other sites where I’ve tested. Check out their apps and see if this is a good gift for that hard-to-buy-for family member.

If you have questions about any of the products/services I’ve used, please ask in the comments. I hope these products and services spark some ideas because it’s never too early to prepare for the holidays!

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