How do I create a listing at OnGenealogy?

There are two ways to create a listing at OnGenealogy.

#1 – First, you’ll need to Create an account at OnGenealogy, You must be a registered user at OnGenealogy to create a listing yourself.

Next, and this is a biggie, email and let me know you’d like to create a listing and for what site. This is a site-security measure. I’ll change your user-role on our site to allow you to add listings. I’ll reply to your email and then you’ll be able to create a listing.

Then select the Create Listing button on the main navigation bar. You’ll be brought to a Pricing Plan page. There is no fee to create a listing so the price is $0.00. You’ll select Next Step.

Next, you’ll be taken to a blank listing page. The listing requires a Title, Location, Website url, at least one category, and a Description. You can’t copy and paste data into the blank listing page. Copying and pasting is restricted to administrators as a site protection.

Once you’ve completed your listing it will show up in your Profile Settings. In the example below, Hobbyist is the User. You can then view Listings created by Hobbyist, Favorites, or things added to a favorites list by Hobbyist, a place to Edit Profile, and a place to Log out of OnGenealogy.

Your listing will initially show up in Listings as a Pending listing. This means pending approval by an administrator. When your listing is approved it will show up as a Live listing.

#2 – A second way to create a listing at OnGenealogy is to email alyson@ongenealogy with a write up of how you would like your listing to appear and I will create your listing for you. If you have an account at OnGenealogy, I will assign the listing to you so you can make an edits in the future. If you don’t have an account, I will make edits when you email me requesting changes.