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Most Genealogy conferences don’t allow non-paying customers to view conference handouts, but RootsTech does. This is a HUGE freebie if you’re #NotAtRootsTech and a great way to prep for RootsTech if you’re attending in person. You can’t hit multiple classes the same hour but you may be able to glean some tips from a class you missed by looking at the handout.

Background info: RootsTech is the largest genealogy conference in the world and this year it will have two conferences, RootsTech SLC from February 27-March 2, 2019 and RootsTech London from October 24-26, 2019.

The current RootsTech 2019 app is for the SLC Convention. They may use this same app for the London Convention and if they do, access to the SLC handouts could disappear, so it would be best to make time now to look over the classes and download any handouts that interest you.

Two ways to access the RootsTech handouts.

  • On your Computer – use this RootsTech app URL in your browser window on a computer or any other internet-connected device
  • On your Smartphone – Download the RootsTech app to your smartphone

This is what the RootsTech app looks like on your computer.

RootsTech app on your computer or from a browser

This is what the RootsTech app looks like on your smartphone.

RootsTech app on your smartphone

Prior to RootsTech, I prefer to look at the handouts on my computer. It’s easier to view the entire handout and download it to my computer this way.

When I’m at RootsTech, attending classes, I use my phone and view the handouts that way.

How to Find & Download RootsTech Handouts

Here are 2 Easy Ways to Find & Download Handouts. I’ll demonstrate one method using the smartphone app and a second method using the URL on my computer. You can use either method on either device.

First, using the phone app, I’ll Search by Speakers. Select the Speakers icon. If you already have a favorite speaker, this is a great way to make sure you don’t miss their presentation.

Select a favorite speaker from the list of speakers. I’ll Select Lisa Alzo–she’s a knowledgeable genealogist and is on the board of the Virtual Genealogical Society.

Select a class taught by this speaker. In this example, Lisa Alzo is teaching the same class twice. Either class will have the same handout.

On the Class Description page, Scroll to the bottom of the class description screen and Look for any handouts under the Resources Tab. Select Handouts.

Select Download Handout or another option

The next time you visit this page you’ll have the option to Open Handout In-App, Open Handout In (other apps on your phone), etc. You can also see all the handouts you’ve downloaded by Selecting the Home button, then Selecting Downloads

Back to 2 easy ways to find handouts.

A second method, this time using the computer URL, is to Search by classes using the Conference Schedule.

Select Conference Schedule (the book icon)

Then Select how you want to browse the Conference Schedule. I’ll choose to Browse by Technology Skill Level.

Then choose a way to filter the class. I’ll Filter by Advanced Classes; Select Advanced.

Then choose a way to browse the Advanced classes. I’ll Select Browse by Day.

Then Select a class from the list of Advanced classes on that day. I’m going to choose “20 Hacks for Interviewing Almost Anyone…” because I love to record oral histories and hear people’s stories.

Then Scroll to the bottom of the screen on the class description page and Look under the Resources Tab for any Handouts.

If there’s a handout listed, Select the Handouts Tab, then Select the individual handout you want to download.

When I Select “20 Hacks for Interviewing,” I’m taken to this handout.

The only hardship to downloading handouts is there’s no way to bulk download handouts. You need to select each handout individually.

I hope these instructions are helpful and allow you to do some prep work before RootsTech or enjoy the generosity of RootsTech and its presenters if you’re not able to attend in person. For other free handout tips, see How to Find Free Genealogy Handouts.

Best in your research!

Here’s a pinnable image to save for future reference. Please follow the OnGenealogy Pinterest boards for more tips from genealogy companies and bloggers.

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