If you haven’t yet signed up for the September Special, Save Your Photos Summit, from SaveYourPhotos.org, DO IT NOW! Select Join the Summit.


“Registration is open until September 30th. When Save Your Photos Month is over, we’ll close registration. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have lifetime access to the content!”

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If you like FREE handouts, webinars, and printables, you have two more days to sign up!!!

It’s the second Saturday in fall and you’re probably not interested in Organizing and Protecting Your Old Photos, an E-book on Digital Backup Basics, a printable Digital Photo Organizing Checkbook, etc TODAY. Me neither.

I’m going out to prune shrubs, harvest the garden, and visit family.

But take 5 minutes and sign up for this free Summit so you’ll have unlimited, lifetime access to these great tools.

I went to a contributor’s website to find a link I could share for a great handout included in this Summit and even on her personal website, it’s restricted, so I can’t link to these great resources, you have to do it yourself.

Just 5 minutes of your life. Please take them now.
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[su_heading size=”24″]Save Your Photos Summit Topics by Week [/su_heading]

Week 1: Printed Photos

Week 2: Digital Photos

Week 3: Converting Outdated Media

Week 4: Celebrate and Share

Week 5: Bits and Bytes

[su_heading size=”24″]The Best Stuff I’ve Learned [/su_heading]

Week 1: Printed Photos – a little handholding in how to sort old photos. I went through my photos again with their ABC method. I also love the handout and printables that discuss archival storage. I’m not storing everything this way BUT I need the handout as a reference for the few items I want preserved archivally.

Week 2: Digital Photos – a great webinar comparing different online photo storage sites with comparison pricing.

Week 3: Converting Outdated Media – I downloaded valuable handouts about Converting Outdated Media, Rare Slide Formats etc for future reference when I feel like tackling these jobs.

Week 4: I saved handouts on Slideshows, Photo books, Montages, and more.

Week 5: I wasn’t interested in the Damaged Photo tips but I am adding a Photo Maintenance Plan to my to-do list, including using idle time to delete photos from my phone & calendaring regular backups.

If you didn’t see this offer in time or weren’t able to take advantage before the offer ended, I’ll blog about the future projects I tackle and share any tips I gleaned from this great resource. And don’t despair, you can use this link to learn How to Find Free Genealogy Handouts. Best in your research!


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