This is a free, searchable collection at Library and Archives Canada for the 1861 Canada Census.

“The 1861 Census marked the third collection of statistics for the Province of Canada. In 1841, the Act of Unioncreated the Province of Canada, consisting of Canada West (present-day Ontario) and Canada East (present-day Quebec). Information on population was also collected for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.”

“The census officially began on:

  • January 14, 1861 for Canada East and for Canada West;

  • March 30, 1861 for Nova Scotia;

  • August 15, 1861 for New Brunswick.”

“The precise date of collection of data is unknown for Prince Edward Island.”

“The enumerators collected information for 3,112,269 individuals distributed as follows:

  • Canada East (1,110,664)

  • Canada West (1,396,091)

  • New Brunswick (193,800)

  • Nova Scotia (330,857)

  • Prince Edward Island (80,857)”


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