“The 1916 Census was the ninth census for Manitoba and the third census for Saskatchewan and Alberta. It officially began on June 1, 1916…. Thirteen commissioners were appointed to coordinate the census effort. Reporting to the commissioners, enumerators were then assigned to a clearly defined area…. In all, 1,365 enumerators visited 43 districts, divided into 1,327 enumeration area units. In addition to the regular enumerators, 45 Indian agents were employed. Members of the Northwest Mounted Police acted as enumerators in the northern parts of the districts of Nelson in Manitoba, Prince Albert and North Battleford in Saskatchewan, and East and West Edmonton in Alberta…. The enumerators collected information for 1,686,666 individuals distributed as follows: Manitoba (548,831); Saskatchewan (642,484); Alberta (495,351)…. The enumeration data were collected using three documents, known as schedules. Only Schedule 1 has been preserved. Schedule 1, Population; Schedule 2, Farm Property, Field Crops, Animals and Animal Products; Schedule 3, Domestic Animals, Dairy Products.”


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