Abertay Historical Society in Scotland was founded in 1947 to study the local history of Angus, Perthshire, and Fife. The Abertay Historical Society meets at University College in Dundee, Scotland.

Visit their membership page for information on member benefits.

They have some free, downloadable books and materials including:

Dundee and the American Civil War 1861-65  David C Carrie (1953)

The Textile Industry of Arbroath since the Early Eighteenth Century WHK Turner (1954)

Castle Huntly: Its Development and History Edward A Urquhart (1956)

Life & Labour in Dundee: From the Reformation to the Civil War SGE Lythe (1958)

Publishing in Perth before 1807 R H Carnie (1960)

Montrose Before 1700 WA McNeill (1961)

Mains Castle & the Grahams of Fintry  Sir Francis Mudie & David M Walker (1964)

Gourlays of Dundee: the rise and fall of a Scottish shipbuilding firm SGE Lythe (1964)

Three Dundonians: James Carmichael, Charles W Boase and Edwin Scrymgeour SGE Lythe, JT Ward and DG Southgate (1968)

Dundee and its Textile Industry 1850-1914 Bruce Lenman, Charlotte Lythe and Enid Gauldie (1969)

Early Days in a Dundee Mill 1819-23 William Brown, edited by John Hume (1980)

‘That Important and Necessary Article’: The Salt Industry and its Trade in Fife and Tayside c.1570-1850 Christopher Whatley (1984)

Highland Communities in Dundee and Perth 1787-1891 Charles W J Withers (1986)

The Three United Trades of Dundee: Masons, Wrights & Slaters Annette M Smith (1987)

Circular Homesteads in North West Perthshire D B Taylor (1990)

Medieval Dundee: A Town and its People Elizabeth P D Torrie (1990)

The Trade and Shipping of Dundee 1780-1850 Gordon Jackson and Kate Kinnear (1991)

Martyrs in our Midst: Dundee, Perth and the Forcible Feeding of Suffragettes Leah Leneman (1993)



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