The Nova Scotia Archives has a free, online database with documents related to African Nova Scotians: in the Age of Slavery and Abolition. ┬áTo view all records, leave the search window empty and select the “Search African NS” button.

“Approximately 10,000 black people came to Nova Scotia between 1749 and 1816. This virtual exhibit celebrates the lives of Barbary (Barbara) Cuffy, Rose Fortune, Lydia Jackson, Richard Preston, Gabriel Hall, William Hall VC, and the many other African Nova Scotians who arrived during that time. It showcases more than 100 documents reflecting the early African Nova Scotian experience. The exhibit focuses on the period between 1749 and 1834, dates which mark the founding of Halifax and the coming into effect of legislation abolishing slavery in the British colonies, respectively. The year 1749 is also the beginning of the period for which Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management holds adequate documentary sources; and the exhibit relies largely on material at NSARM.”


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