Afternote is a free, online service that allows you to digitally store your life story, leave messages for loved ones, and record your last will in a safe place. “Afternote allows you to plan for the unexpected and ensure your unique life story lives on.”


“Afternote is very careful with its user information and is therefore highly secure:

  • When you use the website, a secure connection is made using an SSL certificate. A secure SSL connection is recognisable by the https in the URL (web address bar) and an icon in the status bar of your browser. Afternote does everything in its power to ensure that this protection is up-to-date.
  • All personal information stored on Afternote is encrypted to ensure that no one has access to the information.
  • Afternote is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority under number 1534136.
  • Afternote’s website is subject to European legislation and is Safe Harbor compliant.”

Starting with Afternote
To begin using Afternote, you first have to sign up. Signing up and creating an account is completely free and without obligations. It is important to Afternote that your information is properly protected. We therefore employ strict security measures on our website to keep anyone from accessing your personal information.

What makes an account so valuable?
Afternote allows you to digitally store your last wishes for your funeral and legacy, as well as messages to loved ones and a timeline of your life. This information is stored securely for as long as you live. When you have passed away, the information can be handed over to your loved ones. This will offer them support while making difficult decisions. You will get the assurance that your final wishes are honoured and you can leave a beautiful memento of your life.

​What can you do with Afternote?
•    Store account information about yourself and your family.
•    Add life goals to your online bucket list.
•    Create a personal timeline with special photos and moments
•    Leave messages to your loved ones.
•    Record wishes for your final farewell and legacy.
•    Manage your digital legacy in social media.


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