AfterVault is an estate planning tool and a digital backup company that provides digital storage for your vital information including financial information, insurance, photos, or social media accounts. It’s designed as a service that will contact a guardian or representative you’ve appointed when you no longer respond to account “welfare check” emails.

After you die or are incapacitated, when you stop responding to AfterVault protocol emails, AfterVault is set up to alert someone you’ve designated and to allow that person(s) to access your digital vault and gain access to any files you’ve stored.

A 3-Step Process for digital estate planning

1. You Fill Your Vault

Save vital information and upload documents for the ones you leave behind in secure, private cloud-based vaults.

2. Your Vault Pings You

Your vaults will check on you periodically, using a personalized protocol of emails and text messages.

3. Your Guardian Gets Access

When you no longer respond, your chosen loved ones gain access to your vaults, ensuring they’re safe and secure.
[su_heading size=”24″]Pricing[/su_heading]
AfterVault offers free trials, then prices include:
  • $9.99/month
  • $69/year
  • $299.00/one time payment for lifetime access


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