AGOFF –  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostdeutscher Familienforscher is an East German Genealogy Society with research centers throughout Eastern Europe. “The AGoFF research centers have proven to be useful because the material for the individual research areas can be specifically collected there and specific questions of a regional nature can be answered there. Research assignments are not accepted by the research centers. Only information from existing documents is given and, if necessary, further research information is given.”

“We maintain a number of different databases, which facilitate the quick search for family names and places; Such as the general index on family history in East Germany, the online register of AGoFF publications or our database of family advertisements . Altogether about 100 thousand names are recorded. We also provide digital material from interesting sources and publications. …Our archives archive is housed in the Martin Opitz Library in Herne (Westphalia) and contains a number of valuable genealogical estates as well as rare family-owned private prints and personal databases. …The main stock of the collection of books and periodicals is housed in the Martin Opitz Library in Herne, where they can be borrowed at any time by “members and non-members. In addition to our inventory, more than 300,000 titles with a geographical reference to Central and Eastern Europe are available in Herne.

AGOFF Research Centers include:

AGOFF has membership opportunitiespublications, projects and databases, and more.

View AGOFF Projects including tombstone inscriptions and newspaper projects.



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