AGOFF Neumark is the Neumark/East Brandenburg research center for Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostdeutscher Familienforscher, an East German Genealogy Society with research centers throughout Eastern Europe. “The research area of the Neumark Research Center (Ostbrandenburg) covers the now Polish part of the former province of Brandenburg (as of 1937) east of Oder and Neisse. These include the following former Prussian country and city circles:

A. Neumark:

  • Arnswalde county,

  • Circle Crossen / Oder,

  • District of Friedeberg / Neumark,

  • District of Königsberg / Neumark,

  • District Landsberg / Warthe (town and country),

  • Kreis Oststernberg,

  • Circle Soldin,

  • District of Weststernberg,

  • District of Züllichau-Schwiebus.

B. Niederlausitz east of the Oder and Neisse:

  • Kreis Guben (city and country),

  • County of Sorau.

City and country circles


Protestant church





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